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Friendship Force of Greater Atlanta typically hosts two inbound Journeys and travels on two outbound Journeys per year.  Following are the details for our planned Journeys this year. To see local events and club news, please view the Current Newsletter to stay informed about how you can be involved. You can also check out the US eFlyer on FFI’s website to see Journeys other clubs are taking that have spaces available. Members of FF of Greater Atlanta are welcome to join other clubs on their Journeys. You can view the Complete List of All FF Journeys by clicking here.

Outbound Journey for 2019: 

Friendship Force of Greater Atlanta to Mid-Willamette Valley, OR and Lower Columbia, WA

August 13 – 25, 2019

Judy Hausman, Ambassador Coordinator

Sixteen travelers are scheduled to head west in August to visit Oregon and Washington on a trip organized through FFGA. Greater Atlanta club members will meet their hosts Aug. 13 in the Mid-Willamette area of Oregon, which contains Oregon’s wine country. After visiting that area, the group moves on to visit the Lower Columbia Club in southwest Washington state, an area perhaps best known as home to Mount St. Helens.

Inbound Journey for 2019:

FF of Nara, Japan to FF Greater Atlanta

October 10 – 14, 2019

Linda Foley, Host Coordinator

Fourteen Japanese ambassadors arrive Oct. 10. They plan a four-night stay and we need home hosts and day hosts for them. If you can help, please contact Linda at 678.357.3641 or via email at lfoley2002@yahoo.com.

Outbound Journey for 2020:

Friendship Force of Greater Atlanta to County Durham, UK

Dates TBD

John Wilhelm, Ambassador Coordinator: jgwilhelm1961@gmail.com

Past Journeys:

2019 Inbound Open World: Ukraine Legislators – Budget Issues/Appropriations
2019 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Bogota, Colombia
2018 Inbound County Durham, UK to Greater Atlanta, USA
2018 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Cairo, Egypt
2017 Inbound OPEN WORLD – Role of Local Legislatures/Staff from Kazakhstan to Greater Atlanta, USA
Australian Rotarians to Greater Atlanta, USA
Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley, USA to Greater Atlanta, USA
Moscow, Russia to Greater Atlanta, USA
2016 Inbound Open World-Civil Society/Resp. Governance from Georgia to Greater Atlanta, USA
Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho, USA to Greater Atlanta, USA
2015 Inbound Open World-Legislators from Ukraine to Greater Atlanta
Saskatoon, Canada to Shelby and Greater Atlanta, USA
2015 Outbound Greater Atlanta to Big Canoe/ North Georgia, USA
2014 Inbound Turrialba, Costa Rica to Southeast Florida and Greater Atlanta, USA
Open World -ROL from Serbia to Greater Atlanta, USA
2014 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Eastern Washington-Northern Idaho and Whidbey Island, USA
2013 Inbound Open World – AG Ukraine CROL – to Atlanta, GA USA
Kyiv Region, Ukraine to Greater Atlanta , USA
2013 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Lima, Peru
Greater Atlanta, USA to Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia
2012 Inbound Open World – Accountable Governance -Delegates from Ukraine to Greater Atlanta, GA, USA
Braunschweig-Peine, Germany to Greater Atlanta, USA and Alajuela, Costa Rica
Open World – AG-Investigative Journalism/Anti-Corruption to Greater Atlanta, GA, USA
Mexican Hospice Care Professionals to Atlanta Hospices and Charlotte, USA
Minsk, Belarus and Moscow, Russia to Baton Rouge and Greater Atlanta, USA
2012 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Cornwall, UK
Greater Atlanta, USA to Sao Paulo-ABC and Brasilia Brazil
2011 Inbound Open World – Urkaininan Legislators to Greater Atlanta, GA, USA
Fukuoka, Japan to Greater Atlanta, USA
Lima, Peru to Central North Carolina and Greater Atlanta USA
Sapporo, Japan to Charlotte and Atlanta (stopover), USA
2011 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Turrialba, Costa Rica
Greater Atlanta, USA to Tesino Valley, Italy
2010 Inbound Indonesian Students to Western North Carolina, USA and Knoxville/Central North Carolina/Atlanta, USA
Sydney, Australia to Greater Atlanta and Montgomery and Florida Suncoast, USA
Open World to Greater Atlanta, USA
2010 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Western Bay of Plenty and Nelson, New Zealand
Hay River, Canada to Oklahoma and Greater Atlanta, USA
Greater Atlanta, USA to Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2009 Inbound Amman, Jordan Students to North Atlanta High School
Medicine Hat, Canada to Greater Orlando, Greater Atlanta and Big Canoe, USA
Slovak Students to Atlanta, USA
Chinese Teachers to Atlanta, USA
2009 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Santiago, Chile
Greater Atlanta and Southeast USA to Limburg, Belgium and Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2008 Inbound Western Bay of Plenty, NZ to Greater Atlanta, USA and Belgian Coast, Belgium, and Oxfordshire, UK
Moscow, Russia to Huntsville and Greater Atlanta, USA
2008 Outbound Greater Atlanta, USA to Miyagi and Fukuoka, Japan
North Atlanta High School Students to Amman, Jordan
2007 Inbound Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK to Atlanta and Florence USA 30th anniversary
2007 International Conference in Atlanta, USA
30th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta
Thai Teachers to Montgomery and Greater Atlanta, USA
China to Greater Atlanta, USA
Turrialba, Costa Rica to Huntsville and Greater Atlanta, USA
Amman Students to North Atlanta High School
2007 Outbound Greater Atlanta and Lake Hartwell to St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Greater Atlanta, USA to Hay River, Canada
2006 Inbound Amman Students to North Atlanta High School
Gelsenkirchen, Germany to Atlanta and San Antonio, USA
2006 Outbound Atlanta, USA to China
Atlanta, USA to Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 Inbound Adelaide, Australia to Atlanta, USA, Limburg, Belgium and Moscow, Russia
Irkutsk, Russia to Atlanta and Huntsville, USA
Limburg, Belgium to Greater Orlando and Atlanta, USA
Tbilisi, Georgia to Atlanta, USA
2005 Outbound Atlanta, USA to Lima, Peru
Atlanta and Atlanta Northwest, USA to Arequipa, Peru
2004 Inbound Pusan, Korea to Atlanta and Greater Orlando, USA
Nairobi, Kenya to Atlanta and Dayton, USA
Arequipa, Peru to Atlanta Northwest and East Central Florida, USA
2004 Outbound Atlanta (org.) and West Georgia, USA to Merseburg, Germany
Atlanta, USA to Wellington, New Zealand and Sunshine Coast, Australia
2003 Inbound Ottawa, Canada to Atlanta and Atlanta Northwest, GA and Morganton, NC
Pusan, Korea to Greater Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA
Minsk, Belarus to Atlanta, GA and Lee Co., FL
2003 Outbound Atlanta, GA to Western Tokyo, Japan
Atlanta, GA to Bergen, Norway
Atlanta International Museum to Cuba