Annual Meeting held and 2018 Officers Elected

The Friendship Force Greater Atlanta had their annual meeting today at Bambinelli’s at Northlake where 25 members attended. Elections were held for officers for 2018. Officers for 2018 were unanimously elected by the members.

President: Robin Scott
Vice President: Bonnie Evans
Treasurer: Ron Scott
Secretary: Anne Earle

Good news is that Allison Lindsey is joining our club and volunteered to be the new webmaster since Bonnie Evans was elected VP.

Members submitted their wish list of places to do an outbound trip. John Wilhelm is working on the outbound Egypt journey for the later part of 2018. We have an Inbound English club coming in April 2018.

Allison Lindsey of FFI came to our meeting and answered many questions concerning the decentralization of the FFI staff where they will work from home.